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who are we ?


NPY Service is a french company registered in the commercial register of paris.


Our headquaters is located in Paris, but we operate in France and United Kingdom.


To secure our clients, our consultants and we comply with various laws, We have a professional risk indemnity insurance underwritten by hiscox company in London


Since september the 1st of 2013 NAOPLAY began NPY SERVICE. We focus our Activities of developpement in video games and consulting in france and in England, on the BB model directs to the profesionals.



  • You need complete solutions and diversified services : strategic planning to customer service, process redesign to support human change. NPY Service follows your success, at all stages of your business.
  • Heart of our business is providing technical assistance to service companies as well as advising companies


  • Outsourcing of computer application: a move from one computer to computer support services.
  • Outsourcing of technology infrastructure : the necessary skills to changing IT infrastrucsture.
  • Technology Solutions : to define, develop and implement solutions that integrate technology, processes and organization.
  • Strategy consulting and company restructuring.


  • officialWatches, United Kingdom
  • Veoxa, France
  • Hi Media, France
  • ...

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